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Sales Development Track

A tailored course and community for making a career pivot into tech sales.

Background Story

When First Round invests in a startup, one of the first requests we get from founders is for prospective customer introductions. Founders need lots of “at bats” to hone in on their pitch, sales process and pricing, but it’s challenging when they’re early in the market and are relatively unknown. Selling is a numbers game, and founders often don’t have the bandwidth (or the skills) to do cold outreach and tee up all of the sales opportunities they need to learn quickly and hit their revenue targets.

As the front-line representative of a startup, Sales Development Reps have the ability to make a massive impact on the business for years to come. Given the potential to leave such a large footprint on a startup’s foundation, plenty of folks hope to make a career pivot into tech sales. But despite the massive need across the startup ecosystem for more SDRs, it’s tricky to get your foot in the door with no experience. While we’ve found that some of the best SDRs come from non-traditional backgrounds, busy founders and hiring managers often don’t feel they have the time to teach on-the-job skills — like the secrets of creating effective messaging, executing a successful cold call or performing impactful discovery.

There are a number of SDR “incubators” out there, but most of them are too expensive for startups to recruit from. They also focus on quantity over quality, with a generic curriculum that tees up SDRs for more mature organizations. Founders need their first SDRs to come in and build the foundational sales development effort, with little hand-holding. We think we can help close this gap, and that’s why we’re launching Sales Development Track — to teach you the foundations of sales development and send you down a new career path in one of the best foundational roles at a startup.

Whatever your background, we believe that detail-oriented, organized operators who are incredible communicators make the sharpest SDRs, and we’re excited to help you make a career transition. If this sounds like you, apply here.

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The Program

SDR Track is an exclusive free program to help folks transition into an SDR role at an early-stage startup. The inaugural track will include 7 sessions November 1st - November 18th where we’ll cover the foundations of Sales Development with hands-on practice. Sessions will be taught by First Round’s very own VP of GTM, Emery Rosansky, with guest instructors from top tech startups like Notion, Stripe and Greenhouse.

In building out the curriculum, we took a magnifying glass to each step of the sales development process. We’ll cover the fundamentals of sales development, from defining your ideal customer profile and buyer personas to crafting effective outreach messaging, doing customer discovery the right way, and setting up your sales development technology stack. But this won’t just be a series of presentations — you’ll get tons of opportunities to practice and mimic on-the-job experience, with our team on hand to give feedback and answer all your questions.

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Our instructors are Sales Development experts from companies like:
Emery Rosansky
VP Revenue Growth & Enablement at First Round
Giselle Peck
Director, Sales Development at Databricks (former Director, Business Development at Salesforce)
Kate Taylor
Head of Global Recruiting at Notion (former Head of Sales Development at Dropbox)
Mo Moran
Sr Director of Sales Development, Greenhouse
Pete Kazanjy
Founder of Modern Sales Pros and Co-Founder, Atrium
Kristen Hollenkamp
Global Head of Sales Strategy & Ops at Atlassian (former Global Head of Outbound Sales at Stripe)
Jeanette Mellinger
User Research Expert in Residence, First Round (ex Head of User Research at Uber Eats)

What You'll Get From This Program

The fundamentals of Sales Development
An inside look into how First Round-backed startups hire SDRs
Hands-on practice! We’ll work on setting prospective customer meetings for real First Round companies.
Tailored guidance for future interviews to be the first SDR at an early-stage startup
A community of other folks who are also interested in tech sales, with opportunities to network, trade ideas, and practice building up your new skills
The potential to work directly with First Round-backed companies on a project basis upon completion of the program
A fast-tracked application to any First Round company that’s hiring a full-time SDR

You Could Be A Great Fit If You:

Have 2+ years of general work experience
Are looking to make a career transition into sales at an early-stage startup
Love being customer facing
Are endlessly curious
Pride yourself on your energy, ambition and drive to achieve
Are a master communicator, whether it’s penning an email or in-person
Can commit to attending each session (2x 2-hour sessions/week), along with up to two hours of homework every week.

Sample Topics

What Makes a Great SDR:
The key skills and disciplines required to be a top SDR.
Creating and Using Buyer Personas:
How to define the right target personas for your outreach and leverage that knowledge to build effective outreach emails.
Crafting Effective Sequences:
How to tailor the right messaging at the right time on the right channels to get sales calls set up.
Discovery 101:
Put your user research discovery and listening skills to work to qualify opportunities.
Step by Step Outreach Process:
The process flow and tools to leverage to do Sales Development, at scale.
Analyzing Your Performance:
Tracking important sales development KPIs to understand your performance and diagnose improvement areas.

Join us this November

The inaugural track will include 7 sessions November 1st - November 18th where we’ll cover the foundations of Sales Development with hands-on practice.
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